Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who knew!?!?

Dylan is a very quiet kid. We thought he was just painfully shy. He rarely speaks to adults unless its me or Clint. He will go into "meltdown mode" when he is socially uncomfortable.

We took him in for a routine dr visit. Just a check up--no biggie! After noticing some of his behaviors (no eye contact, refusal to get on the table--just plain irritable) she suggested getting him tested for autism.

It literally took my breath away--I think I sucked all the air out of the room. I wasn't processing it well and thought it was highly unlikely. She said she would make an appointment.

Later when they didn't call me about with a time and day--I didn't bother calling back. I had looked on the internet and my son wasn't like some of the kids I saw! Far from it! He is a straight A student!

A few months passed and I got a phone call. Normally a call checking on the well being of a patient is welcome but when I told her I hadn't followed through--I got a lecture...lol Kindly but I also realized what her concerns were.

She made an appointment and told me to do some more research focusing on Aspergers or high functioning autism.

I did.

And I saw Dylan.

The worst part was thinking my son was "sick" or "disabled" They don't know the kid I know. They don't see the giant progresses he has made this year! They don't know what we have overcame!

I was soon reminded of the road ahead. 3rd grade. A huge transition in elementary school. Especially for a child with social challenges. So I took him to his scheduled appointment last Wednesday.

A lot of the questions weren't my son. There were some that described him to a T. Quirky things I thought were just that...quirky.

In the end I saw Dylan differently. A strong willed child that has overcame many obstacles that we take for granted. A child with a bright future and family that loves him--quirks and all. A child with high functioning autism.