Monday, September 22, 2008

*insert clever title here*

Clint just found out his sister is going to have a baby!! We are very excited about that. She and her husband were home for a visit so we headed back to visit with them yesterday. I have to say--I really do love my sister in laws. I am blessed to have them. My husband has never been real emotional but I honestly don't think his eyes were irritated and red when we left from something getting in his eye or whatever --I think he was truly sad to have to leave.

His mom made mention of selling her place and the price she rattled off was ridiculously cheap. It would be a perfect home for us but we have got to pray--God's will overrides what our heart desires. Even though we are going through a really tough time here and it would be so easy to pack up and head back.

In other news--the boys had a long day--they played hard and then we got home a whole lot later than planned. needless to say, we were late this

When we got home last night the boys were starving. Here their grandma had a ton of food but they didn't touch anything but some grapes! My mother in law isn't the greatest of cooks and my boys have made many comments to us about "gma cant cook at all!" They have never ate a whole lot at her house. Yesterday was different though. She did a fairly good job but I couldn't convince the boys of that. They only wanted grapes that they knew gma hadn't tainted. LOL

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