Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And so it begins...

I hated the idea of my oldest in middle school. He has always been a fairly mellow kid....at least in public...lol He has a lot of friends and has been pretty popular in the schools he has went to. It just doesn't seem time for him to be a "preteen"

Last week he got beat up!!! Now I never prepared myself for the feelings I could feel towards a 12 year old boy that hit my son. That protective momma spirit sprung up in me! I wanted to rip the punk from limb to limb!

It didn't take long though and when I found out it was a severly troubled kid that I somewhat know--I hurt for him. His parents basically leave him to fend for himself. He runs the streets at all hours. He has no one to teach him--no one to love him.....

Its not fair he has been dealt a bad hand in life. I pray someone steps into his life and loves him.

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