Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A little more about myself

I started this blog so I could talk out--well TYPE out--some of my thoughts or just sharing about my life.

I am a small town girl who married her high school sweetheart. I have four kids--Bryen, 11, Chase, 9, Dylan 6, and Eric 5.

God called my husband into ministry fairly early into our marriage. I joke about how God called him after we were married otherwise I would have never married him...lol Its just something I wasn't prepared to be called to do. Still to this day I feel like God made a HUGE mistake..lol Like most in ministry--we ran from the call. Right now we are feeling our way through and letting God direct our steps. Who knows where we will end up but part of me is excited to see where this journey leads.

At this time we are youth ministers at Crossroads UPC. We have an incredible group of kids. When we took the position we gained 15 more "kids" They are our heart. Check em out--www.myspace.com/wiredyouthministries

This blog is daily musings from my journey of discovering who God wants me to become. Like the old phrase--Im not who I was---or who I am suppose to be. Its such an honor that God would call me to do anything for Him. I was such a mess! Who am I kidding...I STILL AM!

Im raising four young men--I may have a future evangelist, pastor, youth minister---or a rare man that is just content working behind the scenes raising his own family in truth-- in my home. Its nothing we should ever take lightly--but some days we just miss the mark and forget.

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