Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Listening for His Voice

Its as if I am walking through a valley in my life right now. Nothing horrific has happened--I haven't committed some awful sin. I just feel God has put me here to soul search--to draw closer to Him.

Everything in my life is great--I have an awesome husband, good kids--the new home we have been praying for. But admist all of that my heart is hungry for more. (Not more children or a new husband mind you...lol ) But I feel like there is more He has in store for us.

There are times like now where I just simply can not find the words to speak--no eloquent prayers--nothing. I just don't know where this path is taking me and all I can do is trust that He is in control.

I have learned that music is so very very healing in these times though. Songs speak the words my heart feels when I don't have the strength to say a word.....

My current favorite is All I can Say by David Crowder Band. Its on my playlist...Give it a listen....

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